Remove The Pain Of Always Searching For Your Assets

By placing wireless, waterproof Active RFID tags on every roll-off container, receive immediate visibility on last known location and for how long it has been parked at the customer’s site. Use this valuable data to bill your customers with accurate, up to the second data.

Auto-Complete For Residential Bins

Optimize the waste collection operation by auto-logging location and pick-up events with integrated RFID placed on bins, sending the data to the driver’s Android Tablet and to your platform.

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce operational costs with engine diagnostic alerts and generate reports on:

  • Battery levels,
  • Engine speed,
  • Engine load percentage,
  • Fuel percentage,
  • Fuel consumption,
  • Average fuel rate (gal/h) and more

Improve Driver Behavior

Track and manage the following metrics: speeding as compared to the posted limit, hard braking, sharp turns, sudden acceleration and sudden lane crossing.