A Powerful School Bus Fleet Management System

Our powerful fleet management platform provides key data and analytics including GPS tracking, engine diagnostics and driver behavior.

  • An easy-to-use cloud-based platform.
  • Real-time tracking
  • Last location
  • Speed and direction of buses.
  • Fuel Report
  • Status of bus
  • Engine diagnostics including battery level, RPM and odometer.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

The system provides insight on the driving behavior of each of the school bus drivers. The system actively analyzes driver behavior and detects driver violations such as:

  • Sudden break
  • Over speeding
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Lane crossing
  • Sharp turns

This valuable information helps ensure students are driven by the safest drivers, creating a safer, more reliable school transportation system.

Student Monitoring Using RFID Technology

For a complete end-to-end solution of the daily school bus operation, we provide student monitoring using active or passive RFID technology.

RFID Tags associated with every child allow for immediate log of each student, increasing visibility and allowing you to:

  • Track attendance
  • Account when and where each student got on and off the bus
  • Detect unauthorized student boarding
  • Detect duplicate usage of the same ID card.

The student monitoring solution combined with the school bus fleet management system offers the most integrated school bus safety solution on the market.

Routing & Real Time ETA Management

Wireless links provides a powerful cloud-based management tool turning the bus fleet into smart buses. The solution allows the bus company to monitor and track the movements of their buses & ensure the safety of students during their transportation to and from school. The dispatcher is able to:

  • Edit route by manually changing the scheduled ETA of every stop,
  • Add new stops or delete stops from a specific route.
  • View scheduled arrival time
  • View expected delay at each bus stop (if applicable)
  • View actual arrival time
  • View attendance records of students on the bus.

Parent Portal

Your children’s safety is our number one priority. Our platform puts accurate, reliable transportation information into the hands of parents. Parents are able login to the cloud platform from their mobile or PC and get:

• Live Tracking and Estimated Arrival Times:

  • AM to the school, the actual ETA of the bus to pick up the student at the designated stop location (marked in blue at the route below)
  • The actual pick up time.
  • The planned arrival time to the school and actual arrival time.
  • PM from the school, the actual pick-up time at the school and the ETA arrival of the bus to the specific bus stop where the student is planned to exit the bus.

• Automatic Alerts and Messages:

  • SMS or email messages notify parents on delays in pick up or arrival of the bus to their designated bus stop.
  • Parents can see where the bus is at all times from the app.