The supply chain management

system for containers and consignments

MapGen’s unified supply chain management and coordination platform monitors individual containers and consignments on specific vehicles across segments and trips. It can create trips, schedule dispatches and match available vehicles with drivers to increase utilisation and reduce transit times. And it integrates with your ERP.

supply chain management is used by

Fleet operators
3PL companies
Cold chain operators
Shippers & manufacturers
Freight forwarders

Benefits of MapGen’s supply chain management

Secure consignments and avoid pilferage

Track unauthorised stops. Get speeding & rash driving alerts.

Reduce delays and optimise operation processes

Track routes and segments to optimise delivery times, increase efficiency & reduce costs.

Consignment tracking

Map multiple consignments to a single truck or container and track each individually.

Container tracking

Follow your container even as it’s transferred between vehicles and warehouses.

Dispatch & scheduling

Assign trips to specific vehicles and drivers. Send job cards to drivers & operators.